Across Test Cases

Test case 1: Stakeholder-driven zero-touch orchestration

Zero-touch setup, inspection, and security for critical infrastructures, automated service trade-offs (performance-oriented vs. energy/cost-saving slices) for industrial infrastructures (during off-shift hours) or entertainment facilities (after the coverage of a music/sports event).

Test case 2: Device-driven zero-touch orchestration

Smart city services that adaptively (re)allocate resources based upon users’ and load mobility (UPF provisioning/migration “following” the users and on demand provisioning of “green slices” in low density/load areas).

Test case 3: Intelligence-driven zero-touch orchestration

Operator contention of critical slice SLA degradation by congestion (TC3.1), with early detection and resource adjustments, meanwhile in parallel AI identify root cause associated with a network attack. Adaptation of resources committed in network after unforeseen situation (efficient attack mitigation or massive events) based on different criteria: QoS and energy.

Test case 4: Holistic zero-touch orchestration

Platform provider (i.e., telcos, SMEs) expansion towards a new edge customer, such as a private industry, a public health/transportation/education organization, a renewable energy park, etc.