UoP is the third largest university in Greece with each own campus in the outskirts of Patras city. The Network Architectures and Management (NAM) group ( which represents the research aspect of the project acquired its expertise through collaborations with industry and a series of research national and European projects. It is currently comprised of 5 professors, 4 post-docs, 6 researchers-system developers and 11 PhD students.

During the last ten years UOP have involved in many EU funded projects: Panlab-PII, OpenLab, FORGE 5G-SOLUTIONS (5G KPIs testing, Media, Smart Cities, I4.0 verticals) 5G-VICTORI (5G KPIs testing, Trains, Electric Grid, Media verticals) 5GASP (5G, Network Applications, Service Orchestration, Automotive, PPDR verticals) 5G-INDUCE (5G, Network Applications, I4.0 verticals) ACROSS (5G Advanced/6G, Zero-Touch Provisioning) FIDAL (5G Advanced/6G, Service Orchestration, Media, PPDR verticals) INCODE (5G Advanced/6G, Service Orchestration, IoT, I4.0) FLEX-SCALE(5G Advanced/6G, Optical x-haul network technologies) METACITIES (Smart Cities Vertical) PHOENI2X (Security/AI) CONCORDIA (Cyber security) IMPORTANT (eHealth vertical) ASCAPE (eHealth vertical, Security) FLEXIndustries (Εnergy grids Vertical) ENERMAN (Εnergy grids Vertical).

UoP has participated and successfully completed Proof of Concept #14 for the NFV ISG, performed two successful demonstrations in IETF’s 88 and 90 and performed one successful PoC to ETSI ZSM PoC 2 Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments.

Role in the project

UoP will offer an Operations Support System called Openslice as the domain orchestrator in Across. Openslice has already supported numerous Open and Standardised APIs (from TMF, ETSI, and 3GPP). Therefore, it will be used as the lower part of the ACROSS integration fabric.

UoP will also implement and deploy testing scenarios in the Test-Beds and finally Dissemination activities which target the education of the general public about the impact of the ACROSS capabilities and its future potentials in 5G/6G environments are under UoP responsibility.