K3Y is an SME, located in Sofia, Bulgaria providing IT solutions and consulting services to businesses, organisations with a special emphasis on cybersecurity. K3Y has a strong experience in cybersecurity solutions, paying particular attention to telecom and industrial environments. Moreover, K3Y participates in several R&D projects in the context of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

Role in the project

K3Y leads the Analytics component of the ACROSS project. The Analytics component uses telemetry data and provides storage and real-time analytics for the whole infrastructure.  K3Y supports the telemetry format compliance and develops storage infrastructure to provide automated end-to-end real-time analytics like resource usage analytics, answering basic crucial questions, such as “Which path did a service flow take?”, as well as analysing data to find anomalies in them and take appropriate actions. K3Y also contributes to several other tasks for instance the core design of the platform and AI-powered cyber security methods.