ACROSS in 5G TECHRITORY – Press Release

9 November 2023


On 18th and 19th October 2023 ACROSS (Automated zero-touch cross layer provisioning framework for 5G and beyond vertical services), our leading research and innovation project, participated in 5G Techritory.


The 5G TECHRITORY platform is an initiative that unites key players, aiming to build a robust and cohesive 5G ecosystem in Europe and beyond. The event was held in a “phygital” format, combining physical presence in Riga, Latvia, with online streaming to a global audience, including speakers and VIP guests.


Panel Discussion on Economy around the metaverse: Unlocking value and innovation in mixed reality worlds

From the latest advancements in cloud computing to the evolution of cutting-edge networks, our expert panel delved into the transformative impact of metaverse infrastructure on various industries, economies, and user experiences.

The panel, which featured our project coordinator, Ioannis Markopoulos, among other distinguished experts, embarked on an exploration of the essential components that fuel the growth and sustainability of the metaverse. This included a deep dive into the development of robust network architectures, the adoption of cutting-edge hardware technologies and the implementation of scalable infrastructure solutions. The discussion also highlighted the evolving business models that form the bedrock of the metaverse’s expansion, facilitating not only its growth but also its seamless integration into the global digital landscape. In addition, the panel emphasized the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in driving innovation within the metaverse.


ACROSS is a HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022 funded research project that designs and implements an end-to-end service deployment and management platform for next generation networks and services, aiming at unprecedented levels of automation, performance, scalability, and energy efficiency.The platform is further enhanced with a) deep end-to-end telemetry to unlock visibility of the intertwined network and compute system states, b) AI-driven intelligence that leverages both the vast number of events originating from the dense IoT ecosystem and detailed monitoring data originating from the ACROSS telemetry sub-system, to generate new insights, c) full-stack cross-domain zero-touch provisioning via programmable “hooks” that exploit events originating from raw telemetry and AI processed events, and d) secure and trusted orchestration mechanisms for trusted computing technologies over large and heterogeneous cloud-edge deployments, as well as orchestration and monitoring of the security VNF.


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This work is funded by the European Commission through the HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022 ACROSS project with Grant Agreement number 101097122.




 Download the press release here: Press Release_ACROSS Participation in 5G TECHRITORY

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